Choosing a Pet in Buffalo | Buffalo Veterinary

Buffalo Veterinary wants you to be confident in choosing the right pet for you and your family. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or another pet, our veterinarians want to help you provide the best possible care for your pet. Before choosing a pet, watch this short video on what kind of care and time you will need to provide to a pet.

Buffalo-Veterinary-Pekingese-300x225.jpgUnderstanding the characteristics of breeds is a good place to begin your selection process. Before your start, though, develop a list of the personality traits you’d like in your pet, then consider your lifestyle and how much daily responsibility you are willing to take on to make sure you make the right match. Not researching the breed is a huge mistake. Dogs especially are bred for certain characteristics. Time to maturity is a factor as well. For example, Labradors are known to be a great family pet and are very loyal to their owners. On the other hand, Labradors have a very long puppyhood and won’t mature as quickly as some other breeds.

Remember, adding a pet to your family is a life-long commitment. It is an extremely rewarding experience – not only will your pet become a part of your family, but it has been shown that pets improve our lives in so many ways … there are even health benefits such as lowered blood pressure and more exercise. Consider these things before choosing to adopt a pet:

Your family’s activity level. If your family is the type that goes hiking often you will probably want a pet that you can take with you. If your family tends to stay at home to relax, a cat or a low-activity dog may be better for you.

Pet size. Are your home, yard, and car big enough to accommodate a large-breed dog? Are you able to physically handle a large dog? Do you have any physical conditions that may prevent you from exercising or caring for your pet?

Your schedule. There’s no doubt about it: dogs require far more time and effort than cats. Cats are wonderful for people who like the companionship but don’t have time to walk a dog every day or let it out every few hours to do its “business”. Consider exercise needs, need to regularly eliminate, feeding, training, and attention.

Coat type. Generally speaking, long-haired dogs and cats will require regular grooming either by your family or a professional groomer. This can be very time-consuming (not to mention expensive!).

Your budget. It’s back to the money thing again … Just keep in mind that large dogs also require large amounts of food. Another consideration is long-haired pets that may require regular trips to the groomers.

Kitten or cat, puppy or dog? Baby animals are cute. They’re marvellously intriguing … and a lot of work. If you do not have the time or the patience to train a new kitten or puppy, consider adopting an adult. Adult dogs and cats have plenty of love to give and will bond to their new people.

Where you live and go on vacation. If you are renting accommodations or going to college, keep in mind that there places that no not allow pets at all, while others allow small dogs or cats but are extremely resistant to larger breeds. There may also be restrictions on the number of pets you may have. The same thing goes for vacations: if you would like to take your pet with you, you will find it easier to find accommodations that will allow small pets.

Your lifestyle. Are you always travelling (business/pleasure)? Is someone at home for a good part of the day, or is everyone always on the go? If your pet must spend most of its time alone, then you likely won’t be able to provide it with a suitable home at this time.

A pet can bring a lifetime of joy, love and treasured memories. With those happy moments also comes a special responsibility to care for the needs of your animal friend. We believe your pet deserves the best veterinary care Buffalo has to offer – and Buffalo Veterinary Pet Clinic takes great pride in making sure he’s treated like a member of the family.